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meet the team!

We have a multidisciplinary team from across Nepal working on a collective goal of improving the mental health situation in Nepal through affordability, accessibility, and awareness.

Aishworya Shrestha

Aishworya is a social worker with over five years of experience in multiple dimensions of social work including mental health, human technology, inclusivity and social justice. She has led several multinational projects and has presented at over a dozen international conferences and talks. She is also an international trainer and advocate of inclusive data.

Novel koirala.HEIC

Janaral Novelraj Koirala

Janaral Novelraj Koirala, a resident of Kohalpur 5, Banke, recently completed his high school education, specializing in Management with a focus on computer science. He serves as the CEO of The Origin Teams, a prominent company offering digital and tourism support. My role involves overseeing operations and strategic initiatives for the organization's success and growth.

Outside of work, I actively participate in volunteering endeavors supporting social programs and campaigns in my local community, aiming to make a positive impact and contribute to its betterment.

Hemant Khadka

Hemant Khadka is still in his teens and is the youngest member of Antardhoni. He has participated in a few MUNs and debates. He loves movies, photography, cars, space, football, music, and animals. He also loves entertaining people. He is starting off his efforts toward social good through Antardhoni.

IMG-20230523-WA0218 (1).jpg

Kumar bogati

Kumar Bogati holds a Masters in Business Studies (MBS) in Finance from Tribhuvan University of Nepal. Kumar is associated and working in different organizations as a finance and goods administrator. Kumar serves as a motivator for school and college students and has keen interest in working towards social work especially mental health issues


jamuna sharma

Jamuna Sharma is a counselor with master's degrees in Sociology and Political Science, Counseling Psychology, Rural Sociology Development, and a Bachelor's in Law (LL.B). She has been active in social activism since 2007 and has been actively working in the field of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support since 2012. 


Narayan Panthi

Narayan obtained his statistics degree from the Central Department of Statistics Tribhuvan University. He is a founding member and secretary of Antardhoni Nepal. He is also the co-founder and Research Department head of Concern Nepal Private Limited which is a research based consulting company. He has five years of experience in data analysis, he worked as a data analyst in Pivot Risk Private Limited for two and a half years which is a risk management company.  

Rabi Khadka.jpg

Ravi Khadka

Ravi Khadka, a resident of Bardibas municipality, is a founding member of Antardhoni Nepal. He has obtained master degree from Central Department of Psychology at Tribhuvan University. He has a long working experience in education and mental health sector with children and adolescent, women, vulnerable and marginalized groups. He has worked with different NGOs in Nepal.

Rinu Maharjan.JPG

Rinu Maharjan

Rinu Maharjan has an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and Social Work. She is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Psychology. She has work experience working as an intern in KOSHISH Nepal and also as a Youth Advisory Board Member at Transcultural Psychosocial Organization Nepal (TPO Nepal). Currently, she is an intern in the Department of Psychology at PKMC.

Saroj Simkhada.jpg

Saroj Simkhada

Saroj Simkhada is a Mental Health Worker currently employed in Psychiatric Hospital based in Tallahassee, Florida, USA. He holds a Master's in Psychology from TU, Nepal, and has been active in the field of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support since 2015. His forte is designing and implementing community-based interventions tailored to addressing prevailing mental health issues in Nepal. He has the experience succeeding in 4 emergency projects across 7 districts of Nepal during the COVID-19 pandemic and the aftermath of the Earthquake. He has a mission to demonstrate a community-based rehabilitation program for persons with mental health conditions for their sustainable lives.

Sujita Khanal.jpg

Sujita khanal

Sujita Khanal is a passionate social worker focused on promoting mental health and well-being within her community. Since 2012, she has been actively conducting information and awareness programs on mental health. Sujita has served as a senior counselor at Kopila Nepal, participating in earthquake relief distribution and primary care during the 2072 earthquake. She holds a degree in rural development and social science from Tribhuvan University and completed a 6-month psychosocial counseling training in 2012. Recently, Sujita completed a 6-month "Yoga and Naturopathic Medicine Training" at Nepal Sanskrit University Valmiki campus, enhancing her ability to provide holistic support. Through her work, she is dedicated to offering information and teaching to positively impact the lives of others.

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